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            Gas Station

            Sinopec has the largest and most complete gas station network in China, mainly distributed in economically developed East China and South China with high automobile ownership. More than 80% of stations are located in suburban areas, national and provincial highways, expressways and other key positions. By the end of 2020, there were 31,000 in-service gas stations and 28,000 Easy Joy stores, contributing domestic refined oil sales of over 100 million tons and non-oil revenue of more than 30 billion yuan. At the same time, to achieve green, low-carbon and sustainable development and ensure energy supply, Sinopec has accelerated the utilization of new energy such as natural gas, hydrogen and electricity, and carried out photovoltaic power generation, hydrogen refueling, charging and swapping. It aims to provide comprehensive energy services for vehicles in a cleaner and more environment-friendly way, set up a comprehensive business framework encompassing “oil, gas, hydrogen, electricity and services”, and build a high-value ecosystem featuring interaction and harmony between “People, Cars and Life.”

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