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            Equipment and materials

            As the trading arm of SINOPEC, with the rapid development of Chinese equipment manufacturing industry, SINOPEC International are exporting products from SINOPEC manufactures such as Drilling Rigs, Pipes, Towers, Reactors and Heat Exchangers, and other products fabricated by our strategic partners and jointly developed by SINOPEC International.

            SINOPEC International has 5 subsidiaries in the United States, Japan, Germany, Russia, and UAE. It also has 8 offices in Brazil, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. We have established long term cooperation with leading oil companies such as Shell, Exxon Mobil, Saudi Aramco, and global engineering companies such as Technip, Aker Kvaerner, Saipem and CBI etc.

            SINOPEC International has been endeavoring to offer customers integrated procurement solutions with most competitive products and best service. In case any technical support and after-sale service are required, our regional account managers and product managers will always be available and will arrive at the customer’s site in the shortest time. So far, the main export products of SINOPEC International include big columns, pressure vessels, tubing, casing, drill pipes, workover rigs, drill pipes, seamless pipes, drilling equipment, fracturing equipment, cables, etc., which are exported to the United States, Canada, Russia, Uzbekistan, Poland, India, Brazil, Australia, Thailand, South Africa, and the Middle East. Those products are widely used in oil fields, oil refining and chemical industries. Drilling rigs have been installed and put into use in the Arctic Circle, the Middle East, Indonesia, the United States and other countries and regions, and are operating in good condition. Big columns and pressure vessels for refining are exported to Russia and India. Line pipes are exported to Brazil, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Pumping equipment, downhole tools, cementing trucks, wellhead equipment and other equipment are exported to Uzbekistan. Our product quality has received lots of praises from overseas users.

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